The Trainer

I am 28 years young, I first started Kyokushinkai and Nunchaku when I was 6 years old and I loved it. I continued until I was 14 when I moved onto Muay Thai which I still train to this day and have my black belt and instructors license.

This was in Mallorca, a small island off the coast of Spain, and now I have moved to London and have since trained JKD, BJJ, Kali Eskrima, Boxing and have acquired an advanced personal trainer certificate.

Aside from the official studies and practice I have also spent my years researching hundreds of books on the subject of real life conflict and self defence.

At my risk I have tested many theories in real life when the opportunity arose, I believe in consummation, applying knowledge. I have had a lot of real life experience in many different places as I have traveled quite lot. I do not believe in the best or the ultimate answer or way, I believe in this study as being organic constantly evolving as does the world around us.

The chemistry involved, the biology, the psychology and real world dynamics fascinate me and I strive to create an organic system that continually reflects the times and the relevant conflict, law and environment.

My conditioning techniques are very effective as I have spent many years testing and devising efficient techniques for hardening the body and mind. Kyokushin has particularly excellent training regimes for conditioning they are some of the toughest fighters around!


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