Self Defence – Fight School

Breaking physical and psychological barriers. Unique blend of training, we focus on real world conflict response and control.

Therefore here you will undergo conditioning techniques and other training you would not anywhere else in one class!

Sensitivity response training, hone your senses to respond instinctively. Frisk sparring with concealed weapons to make use of. Weapon defence and evasion.

Body conditioning to withstand the attack with minimal damage. Situation and environment training.

Conflict control and management, its not just about fighting, its about living day to day without conflict. This takes time to learn strategy, tactics, communication and awareness.

We keep everything respectful, controlled and non competitive. The praise you receive is for your own personal accomplishment not for who you conquer in the ring.

Friendly and helpful atmosphere ages 14 upward, low priced kit available from the instructor.

Classes must be booked a week in advance and are paid for in advance 12 sessions at a time, 3 sessions a week.

  • 2 people @ £22.50 pp
  • 4 people @ £15 pp
  • 6 people @ £15 pp

We do not go below £15 as the more people the more work required and the harder it is to ensure everyone gets attention, 6 people is the maximum number for private groups.

For Corporate groups who wish to send up to 10 people @£20 pp for a special 1 month intensive course please contact.

Some shots of a private class for 2 beginners who have been training with me for 10 days: