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Trip N Pound

Heel to Kidney Shot !!Dangerous be careful!!

If you focus on maintaining your rooting and space, holding your core in balance and let the rest of your mind be relaxed. Every movement you do will train the core this way, it should always be balanced and we have become slack in keeping a neutral spine.

It makes sparring and fighting easier to focus on this during a battle and let the moves come automatically, do not sacrifice your space as this will lead to negative thoughts doubts that will defeat you.

New video showing some methods:


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Precision Striking

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Training Methods

One good method to get you used to strategically striking someone to disrupt their function and overcome them is to get a training partner to stand in various frozen attack positions and you practice going around their body testing strikes in different areas learning what is where, do this with various people on a regular basis them when you spar practice hitting those targets!

Reflex Response

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Training Methods

One simple way to train your reflexes to minimize delay in reactions is that once you have practiced the Slow Motion technique for a while give it a go with your eyes closed or well blindfolded. First just the defender is blindfolded then to advance you are both blindfolded or eyes closed with a third person to watch over you. Do not build bad habits by cheating as you are only cheating yourself.

Practice soft groin, throat, eye strikes safely learn each others sensitivity first. Take great great care with this training!

On a lighter note you will be suprised how easy this is! So much more focus. With the eyes open there is so much information delaying your response. However you obviously need your vision to use environment in reality. But attacks coming from outside your line of sight require reflex response not seeing then responding!

Slow Motion

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Training Methods

In a real fight there can be many different ways someone will attack you. Once it has got to the point where physical conflict happens you have limited time to react. And as action beats reaction you are already one step behind.

The main problem with martial arts is the amount of ways people develop to defend against multiple attacks. It causes people to freeze when the time comes as their brain has too many options. You need to make sure your brain has no other option than the right one.

So, practice with someone you trust, match their speed. Get them to attack you as they would in real life from different angels. In slow motion you can continue and stop and rewind and find solutions. but dont let this lead to too many methods, instead work towards narrowing down your response to any attack from a given direction. Find one movement that is effective against any attack from that side and perfect it.

Important Note: always practice three steps not just the defence but continue the attack to overcome the person, at least throw strikes after the defence otherwise in a real fight you will defend then freeze and they will finish you.

Videos to come very very soon! Will explain a lot better in video.