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Trip N Pound

Heel to Kidney Shot !!Dangerous be careful!!

If you focus on maintaining your rooting and space, holding your core in balance and let the rest of your mind be relaxed. Every movement you do will train the core this way, it should always be balanced and we have become slack in keeping a neutral spine.

It makes sparring and fighting easier to focus on this during a battle and let the moves come automatically, do not sacrifice your space as this will lead to negative thoughts doubts that will defeat you.

New Videos DEC 2011

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Fighting Fit Tips

Just a few quick clips I pulled from a lesson with one of my students.

You can find endless debates concerning this question online and many different theories. Ultimately what you should come to realise is that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. This is the beauty of the journey we can all undergo the same training and we will naturally develop it to suite our needs and form our own way.

However we are all still looking for that common factor, that training method that can benefit everyone, regardless of body type.

Here is the thing, in most gyms and martial arts you are taught to go for a long time. Stamina is a big issue, especially with boxers or any competitors. In a ring you have to either knock people out in the first round or you need stamina to go for rounds and win by ko or points eventually. In a real fight you need to exert all this force immediately and you “hit the wall” within seconds!

Fighting for real for the most part is anaerobic so all this endurance you have from running 10 miles a day and tip tapping around the ring for 3 hours on a saturday will have no time to even kick in. By the time your cardio kicks in its just in time to keep you alive if you have been wounded.

Gym bods will straight away say, aha! so training anaerobically with weights will give me that raw killer power!  But they are talking about high weights, low reps, which uses creatine phosphate system as it is anaerobic. The majority will not mention making that muscle useful.

Yes high weight low rep gives power, however the detrimental effects  of this training need to be ironed out after. You need to make sure the muscles are well streched and loosened, heal properly, and then you need to condition these new muscles to be of use…

Tip: Use fingerless thin padded gloves on the bag not boxing gloves they will teach you bad punching angle and teach you to miss!

You need to train anaerobically in your fighting training itself! You need to find a heavy bag and explode into it, put everything you have into fighting this big bag. You only have a short time to structure the madness coming out of you. This is how it must be, you need to be pushing it so hard that you are training above your OBLA (onset of blood lactate accumulation).

This will teach you burst power.

Do not rely on the weight training primarily, this should be done far less regular than the practical training.