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Heel to Kidney Shot !!Dangerous be careful!!

If you focus on maintaining your rooting and space, holding your core in balance and let the rest of your mind be relaxed. Every movement you do will train the core this way, it should always be balanced and we have become slack in keeping a neutral spine.

It makes sparring and fighting easier to focus on this during a battle and let the moves come automatically, do not sacrifice your space as this will lead to negative thoughts doubts that will defeat you.

New video showing some methods:


3 intermediate:


1 Advanced

New Videos DEC 2011

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Fighting Fit Tips

Just a few quick clips I pulled from a lesson with one of my students.

Why should people train like this?

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Info

This is actually a massive question with a complex answer but I will attempt to narrow it down as much as I can.

We often hear about the health benifits and the physical benifits of training both casually as well as specifically. But the training has an effect that extends beyond this I wont say beyond the physical because brain chemistry is very much physical and this is where what we call emotions come from.

Training in a particular way (the kind of training you will find on my site and in my lessons a blend of hard training) naturally impacts everyone’s confidence and state of mind and being outside of the training itself.

Whether people are willing to admit it to others or not we all face confidence challenges in many forms and yet we all have such potential. We wonder why education fails the youth and as adults we are concerned for our personal security. A wonderful side effect of training like a fighter is the confidence change. Why though? Well, if we think about it in basic logical terms like this it might help:

The majority of challenge the average member of public faces are actually non physical aside from those that enjoy doing hard manual labor. The pain of these challenges is generally in the form of frustration, perhaps a headache here and there and emotional distress as we effect those close to us. However the pain of physical challenges is physical, we can feel it, it genuinely hurts!! We admire athletes so much even those that are not into sports can appreciate their ability. This is because we all know just how much effort it takes to do that.

So (we are getting there hang on!), given this when we conquer physical challenges it lays a strong foundation from which very little appears challenging. The amount of determination you will practice in the gym and the close interaction you have with other people will make you a person who is not easy to unsettle or frighten in every day life as well as conflict. If you train right of course! A lot of martial arts will cause you to freeze in real life as its so different.

I have not met one person in over 20 years of training and meeting people around the world that has trained for fighting and not felt this way. I also get a lot of clients who do not believe they can get back into the system and make honest money in an intelligent way. They are street wise and survive in bad conditions yet lack self belief. When they come to my classes after a few weeks they are already improving the rest of their life, organising their goals and working on their character to better themselves.

Also a major point is that when people learn to fight in a realistic delivery of the lessons they start to realise that their best weapon is actually their mind, and they start to thirst for knowledge and become more strategical and thoughtful in their persuits.

This is in an enriching process for me as well as them. I learn from every person I teach also.

This is not marketing or cheap talk to get people convinced its genuinely my experience and that of those around me. I really want to work with UK councils to get kids training like this from young and try to get it common enough to be part of basic education.

The reason for this? If you have young people feeling insecure but unwilling to face that fact and so go the other direction along paths that attempt to circumvent the system to avoid competition, for example robbery, mugging, dealing etc Because most people feel some level of insecurity in the area of dealing with conflict and “bad people” these youths are able to use that against them. Often committing acts of violence that seem irrational and are completely unnecessary. And most common reason they have used violence to take what you have? Their own fears!

So we all need to be training as basic education to keep people confident, tough and humane.

I have never felt so relaxed and at peace as I do in between really hard training sessions!

Precision Striking

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Training Methods

One good method to get you used to strategically striking someone to disrupt their function and overcome them is to get a training partner to stand in various frozen attack positions and you practice going around their body testing strikes in different areas learning what is where, do this with various people on a regular basis them when you spar practice hitting those targets!

Reflex Response

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Training Methods

One simple way to train your reflexes to minimize delay in reactions is that once you have practiced the Slow Motion technique for a while give it a go with your eyes closed or well blindfolded. First just the defender is blindfolded then to advance you are both blindfolded or eyes closed with a third person to watch over you. Do not build bad habits by cheating as you are only cheating yourself.

Practice soft groin, throat, eye strikes safely learn each others sensitivity first. Take great great care with this training!

On a lighter note you will be suprised how easy this is! So much more focus. With the eyes open there is so much information delaying your response. However you obviously need your vision to use environment in reality. But attacks coming from outside your line of sight require reflex response not seeing then responding!